All of the dishes listed here are also available to take away . Of course, you can also order your dish by phone and then pick it up.

Please note our kitchen times!

Tomato Cream Soup

4,80 €

Pancake Soup

4,80 €

Small mixed salad with the salads of the season

4,80 €

Mixed salad with the salads of the season

7,90 €

Tomatoes and mozzarella

7,80 €

with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and bread

Turkey salad

12,90 €

Seasonal salads and strips of turkey breast and bread

Salad beef sirloin

15,80 €

Seasonal salads with beef sirloin strips and garlic bread

Scampi salad

15,80 €

Seasonal salads with grilled scampi and garlic bread

Tuna salad

14,50 €

Seasonal salads with tuna, olives, boiled egg and onions

Greek Salad

12,00 €

Tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, sheep cheese, peppers, hot peppers and bread

"The Rock" salad

13,50 €

Seasonal salads with ham, corn, boiled egg, artichokes, garlic baguette

Spaghetti Carbonara

10,30 €

with ham and egg

Spaghetti Napoli

9,50 €

with tomato sauce

Spaghetti Arabiatta

10,30 €

with hot sauce


11,20 €

with aurora sauce


11,80 €

with ham in creamy cheese sauce


11,20 €

with four types of cheese

Rigatoni al Forno

13,00 €

with mushrooms, peas, ham and aurora sauce, au gratinh with cheese

Tagliatelle "The Rock"

15,50 €

with salmon strips, leek and saffron sauce

Tagliatelle Turkey

13,50 €

with strips of turkey breast and mushrooms

Baguette Vegetaria

10,50 €

with cheese, tomatoes, boiled egg and salad garnish

Baguette Mont Blanc

10,50 €

with ham, cheese and salad garnish

Baguette Mount Everest

10,50 €

with salami, cheese and salad garnish

Garlic baguette

3,20 €

Toast Alcatraz

9,90 €

with ham, cheese and salad garnish

Toast Vulcano

9,90 €

with salami, cheese and salad garnish

Toast Venus

13,20 €

with turkey breast, creamy mushroom sauce, au gratin with cheese and salad garnish

Toast Italia

13,20 €

with chicken breast, tomatoes, au gratin with mozzarella and salad garnish

Toast Diablo

13,20 €

with pork loin, spicy sauce and salad garnish

Pizza Margharita

9,00 €

with tomatoes and cheese

Pizza Salami

10,50 €

with tomatoes, cheese and salami

Pizza Prosciutto

10,50 €

with tomatoes, cheese and ham

Pizza Regina

11,00 €

with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and ham

Pizza Hawai

11,00 €

with tomatoes, cheese, pineapple and ham

Pizza Primavera

11,20 €

with tomatoes, cheese, ham, corn and bell pepper

Pizza 4 Stagioni

11,40 €

with tomatoes, cheese, ham, artichokes, mushrooms, olives and hot peppers

Pizza Funghi

10,00 €

with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms

Pizza Siziliana

12,00 €

with tomatoes, cheese, salami, onions, mushrooms and hot peppers

Pizza Tonno

13,50 €

with tomatoes, cheese, tuna, onions and olives

Pizza Vegetaria

11,00 €

with tomatoes, cheese, olives, mushrooms, artichokes, onions and bell peppers

Pizza Calzone

11,00 €

with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, ham and onions

Baked Camembert

10,80 €

with toast, cranberries and salad garnish

Cheese noodles

9,90 €

with a small salad plate

Baked feta cheese

11,20 €

with toast and salad garnish

Baked potatoes

10,00 €

with herbal quark and salad garnish

"The Rock" Burger (ground beef)

13,20 €

with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, lettuce, mustard, ketchup and french fries

Pulled Pork Burger

13,00 €

with BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and french fries

Italia Burger

13,40 €

Chicken breast with pesto, tomatoes, Mozzarella, Ruccola and french fries

Currywurst with french fries

9,50 €


13,20 €

with french fries, salad garnish and chili sauce

Chicken Nuggets

13,20 €

with french fries and whiskey cocktail sauce

Chicken strips with a crispy coat

13,70 €

with french fries and salad garnish

Pork schnitzel

14,80 €

Viennese style with french fries and a salad plate

Cordon Bleu

15,50 €

stuffed pork schnitzel with cheese and ham, french fries and a plate of salad

Mushroom cream schnitzel

15,80 €

pork loin with creamy mushroom sauce, spaetzle and salad plate

Turkey schnitzel

15,00 €

breaded with french fries and a salad plate

Swiss schnitzel

16,50 €

pork loin au gratin with ham and cheese, cream sauce, fried potatoes and salad plate

Roast beef with onions

23,50 €

Beef sirloin with fried onions, fried potatoes and vegetables

Pepper steak

22,50 €

Beef sirloin with green pepper sauce, fried potatoes and vegetables

Sliced ​​turkey

15,50 €

with mushroom cream sauce, rice edge and salad plate