Weekly Menu

Here you find our current weekly menu, which changes weekly.

The weekly menu is valid from 16.05.2022 - 22.05.2022

Asparagus cream soup

4,50 €

Beef tenderloin toast with fried mushrooms

15,80 €

and spring onions served with salad garnish

Lumberjack steak (pork neck)

12,50 €

with fried onions, herb butter and potato wedges

Mixed salad plate with fried fillet of pike-perch

15,50 €

and ginger-lime dressing

Penne with asparagus

12,50 €

and ham cream sauce

Chicken gyros wrap with tzatziki, tomatoes,

12,80 €

onions and iceberg lettuce served with fries

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

4,80 €

Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries

4,80 €


4,50 €